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My name is Katy Roberts and this is my Web Site. I am creating it with a little help from my dad, (well a lot actually) I have been running this site for nearly 7 years now.

I get lots of visitors from all over the world and receive a tremendous number of emails, mainly from people who love animals and feel strongly about the Spindles Farm case, I am very behind with sending out replies, but please be patient and you will hear from me in the not too distant future.

This Web Site is about my life, and as you read the pages I hope you learn a little more about the things that interest me, I hope you enjoy your visit.

This August I climbed Ben Nevis to raise money for a clean water well in a little school in the Gambia, I hope that you will sponsor me please click here to learn more and watch a video of the school I am helping in the village of Bafuloto.



My trip to the Gambia and Senegal April 2011
James Gray released early from prison
James Gray behind bars Thurs 27th May 2010
James Gray arrested in Kidderminster 26/05/10
James Gray flees Aylesbury Crown Court 12/05/10
James Gray Appeal Verdict Thursday 6th May 2010
Hell Farm For Sale Monday 26th April 2010
Hell Farm Appeal verdict Thursday 6th May 2010
My visit to The Living Rainforest April 2010
The HemiHelp Children helping Children Concert 2010
Read about my visit to Buckingham Palace
Animal Welfare
Living without my Mum
What Katy Did
Living with hemiplegia
Making my web site
Hayley Westenra
Echoes 3 Royal Albert Hall London 18th March 2009
Pride of Herts. Beds. and Bucks. Award Ceremony
Classic FM Live Woburn Abbey
Proms in the Park Milton Keynes
Visiting the Horse Trust Speen
Bletchley Park Home the home of Station X

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Coming soon news of my 2012 Charity trip to West Africa

Read about my charity trip to The Gambia

Life in a Nordic Tentipi

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