All About Me

I am 14 years old, and live in Buckinghamshire, England. I live with my Dad, my Mum died when I was 5 and I have a condition called Hemiplegia (Have a look at my Living with Hemiplegia Page (if you would like to learn more.)

It is very hard sometimes, living without my Mum but my Dad and I, get along very well together. It's not easy though, because Dad has to do both parents' job and work too. I help him as much as I can. We still go on great holidays and on exciting day trips all over the place, so even though we have a hard life at times, we still have lots of times when we enjoy ourselves. I love animals very much and am intersted in all aspects of animal  care, I am an Animal Rights Pacifist, (if you want to know what that means have a look at my Animal Welfare page.)

I love living with my Dad, because he is the best in the world, and he is good fun. He teaches me all the important things in life like to love God, and be a good, kind and thoughtful person.

My Dad is special because he never gives up hope, and he will carry on loving me forever, and I will love him forever too.

My favourite colour is Pink (as you can see from my website)
I hope it's not too shocking though, with so many pictures of me in my special picture gallery! But don't go thinking I have pink clothes, pink shoes, pink toys, and a pink bedroom, because I am actually a tomboy, but I do like a little bit of pink here and there!

My favourite food, well is a mixture of chocolate, pizza, sweets, ice cream and more chocolate (not all together obviously - yuk that would be too horrid!)

My hobbies are swimming, reading, horse riding, going to lots of new places and writing, and now of course doing my Web Site. I hope to become an author when I am older, and I have already started writing a book about my life! I love reading and have lots and lots of books, that my dad bought me, and I also go to the several local libraries twice a week to borrow lots more to read




Living without my Mum
Making my web site
Living with hemiplegia
Animal Welfare

The Women's Land Army

A Photograph of me at
the Unicorn Theatre London
taken by my Dad