Making my web site

I was keen to make a personal Web Site, I suppose they have always fascinated me, I have often thought it amazing that you can view other peoples Web Sites, on your PC in countries that are thousands of miles away from you, and all in a matter of a few seconds, it seemed like a great way to communicate with people and a way of communicating with your friends too, and a chance for me to do what I love best - writing.

To think that When I first started this venture during the summer holidays the year before last, I thought it might just be a simple task to get up and running, with very little trouble and inconvenience! After all, all I needed to do was to write a few words, and get my Dad to take a few photographs, and I would throw them all together on a page, and as if by magic they would all come together and it would look marvellous, and people from the four corners of the globe, would send me complimentary emails, saying what a great job I had done, and how clever I was, and one day Bill Gates would get to hear about me, and would ask me for my opinion on his latest piece of web design software, before he released it on the general public. How wrong I was; it was, as they say in the computer industry, a very steep learning curve, and quite a headache at times too!

I wouldn't mind so much if what you designed with the software came out how you wanted it to look, or even in the place you wanted it to be, when you viewed it in a web browser, or on one of my friends computers that just happened to have a different screen resolution to yours or have a different size monitor. There were times when I thought I should go crackers and run screaming from my home one morning, but fortunately that didn't happen and I arrived at the layout that I am now using.

I can't tell how many hours it has taken me to get to this point, but suffice to say it was quite a lot, the work was punctuated by the usual small problem like the PC crashing and the inevitable re-installation of the operating system and all the software, which of course only happens at those trying times in life when it has been a week since you managed to make time to take a back up of your valuable work. I am very grateful to my ever patient and long suffering Dad for all his gentle guidance and help in this little project, and for taking and resizing all the photographs, so they didn't take days to download, every time one of my pages loaded.

I look forward to the day when someone introduces a user friendly web editing package for 11 year olds to use, until then, I will have to struggle on I guess


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