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This is where you can find out about my involvement in animal welfare issues. Especially the horrific case of Spindles Farm, Hyde Heath, and learn a little about why I do it.

"Animal cruelty is totally unnecessary in any country in any centuary but when it takes place in a civilised country like ours in the 21st Centuary it is all the more grotesque, vile and inexcusable."

My Silent Protest outside Spindles Farm 12&13/01/08
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Travesty of Justice Oxford Magistrates Court 04/04/08
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James Gray goes to Royal Court of Justice
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Sandeep Kainth overturns his own ruling 14/04/08
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James Gray guilty of assault on PC Metcalf 06/05/08
Jamie Gray & family pre-trial Review Banbury 09/05/08
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James Gray Sentencing Aylesbury Magistrates 10/06/08
James Gray & family Sentencing Friday 12th June 2009
James Gray released from Woodhill Prison 16/06/09
Jamie Gray & son at Langley Market Sun 5th July 2009
James Gray breaches bail conditions again 01/10/09
James Gray appeal Bicester Magistrates Court 11/01/10
Hell Farm appeal verdict Thursday 6th May 2010
Hell Farm For Sale Monday 26th April 2010
James Gray Appeal Verdict Thursday 6th May 2010
James Gray released from prison early

  If you have pets of your own, whether they’re dogs, cats, horses, or hamsters, you know that they need a lot of love and attention. I’ve always believed that people should be more aware of animal rights, whether that is physical rights - rights that are in the law, or moral rights – things that animals deserve anyway.

I do a lot for animals, and that’s why I call myself an animal rights pacifist. That means that I protest against cruelty and mistreatment, but I don’t take extreme action, such as burn down places of cruelty, or take animals away from bad owners without permission, even though I feel sometimes I would like to do that. These people are called activists, and some are unfortunately arrested, because although they are helping the animals, they are taking extreme risks to do so, some of which are against the law.

Anyone can be an animal rights pacifist, no matter how young or old you are. I started my pacifism when I was nine, doing my first silent protest against the cruelty at Spindles Farm Hyde Heath. The thing that really helped me get on was the determination of wanting these horses to be freed of the terrible cruelty, and the thought of doing something good for animals. Although facing these situations can sometimes seem scary, it’s better to stick up for what you believe in, than lie low and let animals suffer.

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 states something called “The Five Freedoms”. These are five rules that, by law, any domestic animal owner should obey. These are:

(1) Freedom from hunger and thirst – by making sure your pet has enough of the right food to eat and fresh, clean water.

(2) Freedom from discomfort – by making sure your pet has a good shelter and a comfortable resting place.

(3) Freedom from pain, injury and disease – by prevention of accidents, or having a vet who will give a quick and rapid diagnosis and/or treatment if your pet is sick.

(4) Freedom to express normal behaviour – by providing the right amount of space, and another animal if your pet enjoys company of it’s own kind.

(5) Freedom from fear and stress – by making sure your pet is happy and feels loved, and is not under any mental suffering.

These rules are obeyed by many animal lovers and owners across the UK, but sadly, some animal owners don’t, whether they neglect their pets and leave them without what they need to survive, or abuse them by inflicting pain on them on purpose. Both of these crimes are types of animal cruelty, and that’s what I fight against. The response that I’ve had from my work from people all over the world has been phenomenal over the past few years, and I can guarantee all of you that I will keep on fighting until the message gets across that animals are important and have rights and do not deserve to be abused.

"Compassion for animals is directly connected with goodness of character; and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good person."
Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860) German Philosopher


Animals are very trusting and able to understand commands and love. They often crave love. They would not understand love if they had no soul.


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Me protesting outside Aylesbury Magistrates Court

Meeting my MP David Ldington
to discuss the Animal Welfare Act.

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From the preface to
“The Story of San Michele” by Axel Munthe
(written in 1929)

“All that is best in me I have given to the Animals and I mean to stand by them to the last and share their fate whatever it may be. If it is true that there is to be no heaven of rest for them when their sufferings here are at an end, I for one, am not going to bargain for any heaven for myself. I shall go without fear where they go, and by the side of my Brothers and Sisters from the Forests and the Fields from the Skies to Seas, lie down to merciful extinction in their mysterious Underworld, safe from any further torments”.

Axel Munthe 1857 -1949