Step by step instructions on how to view RSPCA Video on your PC or Laptop.


Follow these simple steps and you will easily be able to view the video

(Step 1) After clicking on the RSPCA thumbnail it will open a new page and you might see a yellow bar below the browser header, if so click on it.

(Step2) When you click on it the yellow bar will change colour to pale blue (see below) and a new selection box will appear, click "Allow Blocked Content..." It is quite safe to do so, don't worry, doing this will not harm your computer.

(Step 3) Another box will appear marked "Security Warning" (see below), asking if you wan't to allow active content to display, click "Yes" as you need this to display the RSPCA Video correctly.

(Step 4) Then sometimes depending on which version of Windows or Apple OS you have, another box (see below) will appear called "Adobe Flash Player Security" this is because the RSPCA Video uses flash played to display the video on your PC, or Mac Click the  "OK" button on the bottom left and you will then be able to safely view the RSPCA Video on your PC, Mac or Laptop.

(Step 5) Now all you have to do is to press the large play in the centre of the video or the small one at the bottom left of the screen if the video does not start automaticly.

Click to play