The Horse Trust Speen, Buckinghamshire

Gladys (KH10) one of the donkeys rescued from Spindles Farm in January 2008


This is a photograph of Gladys and I taken on 9th April 2008. She was rescued from the horrors of Spindles Farm Hyde Heath, and was so weak when she arrived at the Horse Trust that she had to be lifted off the transporter, and was unable to stand for two days. On the third day she was able to stand with the help of three people, but it took 10 days before she was able to stand unaided.

she arrived with matted fur, a dreadlocked mane and was alive with lice and peppered with scabs and bruises. She had a body condition score of 1 when she arrived and weighed only 146kg, she has put on 105kg within four months of arriving (72% of her original body weight).
She showed no clinical evidence of disease so her inability to stand unaided was a said to be a result of starvation alone. Gladys has now fully recovered and is very popular with visitors to The Horse Trust.


Gladys and I getting ready to be interviewed by Mike Ramsden of BBC London News