The Horse Trust Speen, Buckinghamshire

Gladys (KH10) Lola (KH18) and Nora (KH18a) all rescued from Spindles Farm in January 2008


Tea time at The Horse Trust with Gladys Lola and Nora. Gladys is the mother of Lola who has a foal called Nora.

They were all in a bad shape when they were rescued from Spindles Farm. Lola is a (jenny) donkey and when she arrived she had a body condition score of 2, she only weighed 128kg and has put on 22kg within 4 months.

Nora her baby donkey (foal) had a body condition score of 2 when she arrived, she only weighed 37kg a few weeks after her arrival and has put on 35kg within 3 months. Apart from being underweight, Nora was in good health when she arrived. Once she regained her confidence, Nora has become renowned among staff at The Horse Trust for being very cheeky and naughty!