James Gray Appeal Bicester magistrates Court

Monday 4th January 2010 10am

The appeal was due to be heard at Bicester Magistrates Court on 4 January but had to be put back by one week.

Monday 11th January 2010 10am [Start of the appeal]

Despite being one of the worst cases of animal suffering and grotesque neglect ever seen by vets in this country, and being found guilty of animal cruelty charges relating to 125 equines at Spindles Farm, James Gray and 3 members of his family and a youth who cannot be named for legal reasons are all appealing against the charges. Bicester Magistrates Court is sitting as Aylesbury Crown Court during this appeal. The appeal will be heard before a special sitting of a Crown Court judge Christopher Tyrer and two magistrates, and is listed for 5 weeks.

Upon entering Spindles Farm in 2008, the RSPCA and Vets discovered hooves and other body parts of equines scattered across the farm, and they discovered a mound made from skulls and other bones. Horses were found in appallingly cramped conditions in pens, fetlock deep in their own faeces, with some living amongst dead animals.

James Gray and a 16-year-old boy who cannot be named for legal reasons were convicted of 11 charges each one under the Animal Welfare Act 2006, Julie Gray his wife and daughters Cordellia also of Spindles farm and Jodie of Ashford Middlesex, were also convicted of 2 charges under the Act. James Gray was jailed for 24 weeks and the boy was given an 18-month supervision Order. Julie Gray was given 150-hour Community Service Order and told to pay costs of £750; The 2 daughters were given 150-hour Community Service Orders and told to pay costs of £500 each.

Thursday 6th May 2010
10am Aylesbury Crown Court
(the day of our General Election)

Judge Christopher Tyrer, along with Justices Dray and Few will announce their judgement after hearing the 33 day appeal which ended today (Monday 19th April 2010) at Bicester Magistrates Court (Acting as Aylesbury Crown Court)


They were sentenced on Friday 12th June 2009 at Aylesbury Magistrates Court but immediately appealed against all the charges brought against them by the RSPCA.

(1) James John Gray (46) was found to be GUILTY of 11 Charges

(2) A youth who cannot be named for legal reasons was found to be GUILTY of 11 Charges

(3) Julia Gray (42) was found to be GUILTY of 2 Charges

(4) Jodie Gray (27) was found to be GUILTY of 2 Charges

(5) Cordelia Gray (21) was found to be GUILTY of 2 Charges






What Katy Did
Animal Welfare

My Silent Protest outside Spindles Farm
James Gray Appeal Verdict 6th May 2010

Some of the poor victims of the horrors
of Spindles Farm

A poor dead donkey found at Spindles Farm Hyde Heath by RSPCA inspectors during the raid on the farm.

Me with Disney at The Horse Trust

Spindles Farm January 2010