James Gray released early from prison

Saturday 18th September 2010

Despite skipping bail and going on the run for two weeks and also breaking his bail conditions horse dealer James Gray has been released early from prison for good behaviour. He served only 12 weeks out of his 8 month sentence for gross animal cruelty and neglect. He is still banned from keeping equines for life.

Why was he released early anyway? Was his crime not serious enough he should be in for years not a matter of weeks?

What is wrong with our justice system? He should have served the full 8 months sentence which in my opinion is simply not enough for the massive amount of suffering he caused those poor animals. This is clearly sending out the wrong message to offenders. James Gray won't have learnt his lesson either, he will go straight back to horse dealing, it is all well and good thinking he will be monitored by the authorities but when he was on bail he went to equine auctions and was handling horses even though it was against his bail conditions.

James Gray and family no longer live at Spindles Farm as the sale of the farm and land is going through, but the sale is taking longer as he was declared bankrupt in April 2010. It is understood that Spindles Farm has been sold to a local who has paid a good price for the extensive property.

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(Photo © David Armitage)