Jamie Gray and son at Langley Horse Market

Sunday 5th July 2009

Jamie Gray and his son also Jamie, showed their utter contempt for the British Judicial System, when they were both seen at the Langley Horse Market on Sunday 5th July, and also on Wednesday 1st July, Jamie Gray Senior despite being banned from having anything to do with equines as a condition of his release from Woodhill Prison on bail set by Judge Christopher Tyrer at Aylesbury Crown Court on Tuesday 16th June 2009, was seen in the thick of it at Smiths Gypsy Cobs sales at Langley, near Slough with his son.

The RSPCA was outraged by the news but said it could not comment pending the Gray’s appeal.

The Chief executive of The Horse Trust in Speen, Brigadier Paul Jepson, which took many of the worst effected equines, said it was a “snub to the courts”.

Mr. Roly Owers, chief executive of World Horse Welfare said: "It beggars belief that having been convicted of the worst case of horse cruelty in UK history, and just a matter of days after being released from prison, James Gray is so blatantly abusing his bail conditions.”

The Chief executive of Redwings Horse Sanctuary Lynn Cutress who took 29 ponies and donkeys from Spindles Farm said everyone within the organization "felt extremely disappointed" to see the pictures of Jamie Gray at a horse fair.

Keeping dry in a vehicle at Langley Horse Market
Sunday 5th July 2009 (Photo © INS)

While the case is ongoing and as all 5 members of the Gray family have appealed against both their convictions and sentences the fate of the animals rescued from Spindles Farm is still undecided. The police whose job it is to enforce bail conditions have been given copies of the photographs taken by the Sun newspaper yesterday.

It will be very interesting to see if anything comes of this. I have had many emails from the animal loving public who are totally outraged by this whole situation, and feel that Jamie Gray and his family should not be anywhere near any horses until after their appeal is heard in court.


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