Race for Life Waddesdon 2009
Sunday 10th May 2009

As you know, in 2008 my sister Laura and I participated in the Waddesdon Manor Race for Life, in aid of Cancer Research UK. In 2009, we entered again, hoping to raise lots more money for the charity.
We woke up early the day of the race, feeling prepared and ready. We ate breakfast quickly, not wanting to waste a minute of time, as we wanted to arrive at the course early. We got dressed in our special Race for Life clothes – (well Dad didn’t – as the race was only for women, and I don’t think that he would have liked the clothes anyway, as they were all pink!)

We also had to put on lots of sun cream, as the radio stations said that, like last year, the weather was going to be really sunny and hot, so we didn’t want to get sun burn!
When we arrived at the course, it was hard for me not to get Laura lost, as there were loads of other women there in pink t – shirts just like hers! But it was easier to spot Dad in the sea of women. There was the same length course – 5km. There was the same awfully large hill almost halfway from the end. But, we had one thing to make different. We hoped to beat the time in which we completed the race.

The warm – up was the same hard work – and the same great fun as last year. Two women stood up on stage and lead us through fun dance moves and stretches, to get our muscles ready for the race. After the warm – up, we went up to the starting point, and waited patiently for the starting gun.

Soon enough, we were off, and were making our way around the start of the course. We may have been going slowly, but we were still making good progress, and we knew that we would get to the end in our own time, even if we weren’t first. We tackled the steep hill, and soon we passed the 1km sign.

We got regular updates from Dad (via Laura’s mobile phone!) about who had crossed the finish line, because we knew that my teachers Mrs Smith and Miss Robinson were in the race as well. As the finishing line got closer and closer, we began to feel proud that we had raised all the money that people had sponsored us, for such a great charity.

Finally, the finish line came into sight. We gave a little sprint up the last stretch, and crossed the line, having beaten 2008’s time by 10 minutes! We were pleased with ourselves, and we received a medal each. After the race, Dad took us over to the shade where we could relax and have a picnic. We needed it, after all that hard work!





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