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(1) Posted :: Wed 16th January 2008 16:35

Well done you and your acts of animal rights, I fully support you and would have joined you myself, if I had of known what you were going to do. What Jamie Gray has done is truly disgusting.

Perhaps your dad can take you up to the Home of Rest for Horses in Speen in a couple of months and you will get to see some of the rescued horses from the farm! Although I expect it will be a good while before the public can see them.

Keep up the good work fellow animal lover and animal rights campaigner, and look after your dad.

Love Louise xx

(2) Posted :: Wed 16th January 2008 16:41

I think what Mr. Gray had done is horrible


(3) Posted :: Wed 16th January 2008 16:45

Lock him up and throw away the key. How can someone just leave all of those animals to die slowly and painfully?

Pippa xXx

(4) Posted :: Wed 16th January 2008 23:48

Hello Katy,

I saw your website on the Bucks Free Press regarding your protest about Hell Farm. I just wanted to congratulate you on your bold effort.
I am not a great animal lover myself, but I don't like it when animals are mistreated and it was horrible to see on the news.
Good luck, I am sure your Dad is proud of you!!


(5) Posted :: Thurs 17th January 2008 12:05

I think the mistreatment of animals is terrible and the offender should be brought to justice.


(6) Posted :: Fri 18th January 2008 17:01

Dear Katy,

My name is Sarah Webster and I live in Little Kingshill with my big girl Ellie (6) and Little boy Thomas (2).
I thought what you did at the "Hell Farm" was both brave and fantastic......
Well done you.... I bet your Daddy is very proud of you.

You are in our prayers that you would carry on being such an inspiration.


Sarah Webster

(7) Posted :: Fri 18th January 2008 21:25

The owner should be locked up and left to starve like those poor animals.


(8) Posted :: Fri 18th January 2008 23:34

I am appalled as we all are at such dreadful cruelty to trusting animals. The travelling community always seem to get away with breaking the law in this country. Please god let him receive a custodial sentence. I am, however, totally disgusted that yet again the RSPCA appear to have dragged their feet yet again. Why do we donate to them? Thank god for the sanctuary's that will now give these animals the love and care that they need and deserve.

Judith Willis (Pinner UK)

(9) Posted :: Sat 19th January 2008 07:24

As a member of the community where these horses were found I would like to point out that over many years we have complained and reported problems with these horses and their living conditions, along with numerous other people within the village. We are very distressed and disappointed that it has taken so long for the relevant authorities to do enough about the situation.

A.R., Hyde Heath

(10) Posted :: Sat 19th January 2008 19:43


I'm Siobhan, I'm 17 and I volunteer at Mossburn Animal Rescue Centre in Dumfries in Scotland(http://www.mossburn.org). Obviously I love animals, especially horses just as much as you do and was horrified by the Amersham situation!
I just wanted to say I think you are an inspiration and very brave for staging your protest by yourself. It was great and your website is fantastic.
Keep up the good work!

 :) xx

(11) Posted :: Sat 19th January 2008 21:06


My names Jill [I post as "Nuffield" on the Horse and Hound Forum]
Just a quick email to let you know how kind and thoughtful and very brave you are. We are all getting together and collecting lots of feed and rugs and buckets and things and taking them to The Horse Trust on 26th Jan. I hope you can be there too.

Well Done Jill

(12) Posted :: Sat 19th January 2008 23:39

Hello Katy,

well done on your protest outside the farm at Hyde Heath.
Also well done for creating your own website, which I found very interesting to read.

Good luck to you and your Dad.


(13) Posted :: Mon 21st January 2008 00:37

Well done Katy!!

What an inspiration you are.. You leave a lot of adults humbled by your action at Amersham.. We know a lot of pony-mad little girls but none as brave as you.. We think what you did was outstanding and wish you all the luck in the world.. Never change!! If you ever run for No 10 Downing street .. You’ll get our vote definitely!! We are very happy to know that you are out there looking out for us and our friends...

A HUGE BIG thank you, from two grateful ponies on Anglesey, and of course our mum who we got to write this for us...

Best wishes from

Finn, Teddy (and mum' Gill..xx)

(14) Posted :: Mon 21st January 2008 00:42

I found your link here: Horse and hound You might be interested to look at the thread, because lots of people have said some lovely things about you.
Apart from the stand that you made regarding the horses in Amersham, I must congratulate both you and your dad for the wonderful way that you have both coped with your condition (I can't remember how you spelt it!) and with having to say goodbye to your mum so young. It must have been very difficult for you both. Well done to dad as well!

You are much more courageous than a lot of us adults - who hide behind funny names on a forum! I believe that we are not allowed to say too much about what we think as it could damage any case relating to the horses in question. We all feel exactly the same as you do. However the stand that you made all on your own - Well!!! Hooray! Perhaps you could bring your case to the government next young lady I am positive that you will be an author some day. Your website is marvellous (and very pink!).

Both you and your dad are so very positive - I am sure that you will do anything you set your mind to.

I hope you don't mind - but I combined your photo with a picture of one of my horses to say thank you from all the horses!!! Hope you like it.

Love Cat x

The picture Cat did of me and Python we both look happy don't we!

(15) Posted :: Thurs 24th Jan 2008 14:07


you have moved a (nearly!) 60 year old cynic to tears with your thoughts on Spindles Farm! I've been raising donations for Operation Esther which has been through Horse & Hound Online forum, so know something of how you feel.

Your Dad must be bursting with pride of his daughter, I know I am and I don't even know you! I hope you continue to do well and enjoy your riding in the future.

Good luck and thank you for being so caring.



(16) Posted :: Thurs 24th Jan 2008 14:35

Hi Katy,

I have just read about your efforts for the spindles farm horses and what a special little girl you are!! Congratulations for having the courage to go there and hold your protest for these poor poor horses. I have had a look on your website and you really are an amazing little girl. I hope to read more about your riding lessons at South bucks RDA, perhaps you could let us know what you are doing in your lessons at the moment and tell us all about your favourite horse or pony.

You truly are an inspirational young girl to have gone through what you have gone through in your life at such a young age is so truly admirable.

You have a lot of fans on the Horse and Hound website! see here: Read

With Love from

Deanne Naylor (aged 23 of Hemel Hempstead)

(17) Posted :: Mon 28th Jan 2008 21:02

Hi Katy,

You have a great website; it was very interesting to read. I thought you were so brave to hold your protest at Spindles farm and to show that you were not scared of that vile man by delivering a letter to him. He should feel disgusted with himself for the way he treated those poor horses.

I met you on Saturday at the horse’s home to help unload the vehicles which were full of horse feed and bedding for those beautiful ponies and horses.

They looked quite happy and content when we saw them, I’m sure they realise how lucky they were.
I'm sure this man will be found guilty when he appears in court and hopefully will be issued with a life ban from keeping any animal. I hope he gets a large fine, which could then be passed on to the charities that have taken these horses in.

Keep up the good work Katy.

Best wishes

Judy Hawes

(18) Posted :: Mon 4th February 2008 04:07

Hi Katy,

I too was disgusted at the amount of cruelty that had gone on at Spindles Farm, we can moan and groan about it BUT something has got to be done about this man and whoever else commits such suffering on poor defenceless animals! I was amazed to see one of your pictures on your website, a lorry on your page below. I live in Jersey and I couldn’t help notice that this lorry had Jersey and a telephone number splashed across the back of it! Do you know who owns this vehicle or is it one of Spindles Farm wagons that is owned by them?

I have just been reading all about you, I’m really sorry to hear about your mum, I lost my mother back in 2002 and it can be difficult at times but you have to hold your head up high and carry on! I guess along the line, this is where I turned to dolphins; I love dolphins and animals a great deal. I also used to go horse riding years ago when I was your age, but sadly this stopped when I was 15yrs old. My favourite horse used to be Topaz, he was a palomino but he was lovely to ride, just a big softy at heart.

Anyway, bless your heart - Thank you for speaking out about the horses! Your mother would have been very proud of you today!

Best wishes & God bless,
Carol x

(19) Posted :: Fri 8th February 2008 19:41

Dear Katy,

Well done for fighting for the horses. Isn't it sad that the RSPCA never do anything or care until the media becomes involved. They say they have started a fund, they don't have to, it is well known they have in excess of 65 million pounds invested, given to them by the public to help animals???

It is very sad; they could do so much to help the needless suffering that goes on in the UK. I run an animal Sanctuary in Guernsey, if you ever come here please look us up, it will be nice to meet you.
Very best wishes,

Sue Vidamour Guernsey Animal Aid

(20) Posted :: Wed 13th February 2008 22:07

Hi Katy,

I came across your web site when I was reading about that horrid man at Spindles Farm.
I am a horse lover too and have a little boy who is 11. I just wanted to say that your web site is very good and I think its a fantastic achievement for someone so young!

I read about your mum and that you want to be an author one day and whilst I don't know you I just know that your mum is very proud of you and I am sure that whatever you want to achieve you will do it!!

I have attached a couple of photos of me and Connor and some of our animals who are all rescued from various places!

I found Megan the dog in a shoe box, Chicken the black horse on a lorry in a dog collar and almost dead and Milly the fat little pony was not wanted anymore, FiFi the cow was abandoned by her mummy when she got scared and Ziggy the white pony is just plain crazy!

We have had lots of horses and other animals but sadly when I rescue them they are usually only with us for a few years before their ill treatment catches up on them. I (like you) cant understand why humans can be so cruel and think your web site will help to make people realise that it is a privilege to know animals and a privilege if they trust us.

You are one amazing little girl and I wish you lots and lots of luck and best wishes for a bright and exciting future!

Lots of love Clare and Connor xx

(21) Posted :: Mon 25th February 2008 22:01

Hello Katy,

You are so very brave to do what you did, I wish more young people were like you and made a stand for what they believed in.

Keep up the good work Katy. Let us hope that the owner of Spindles Farm or Old Home Farmhouse as it is called now, gets what he deserves for the needless cruelty he inflicted on the poor equines on his farm. I understand from reading the local papers, that he has purchased more horses while he was waiting for the RSPCA to complete their investigations, and has been caught again mistreating horses again, fortunately the horses have been rescued and are safe now.

The law needs to be tougher to prevent this sort of travesty from ever happening again.


Bethany Matlock (Horse Lover)

(22) Posted :: Wed 26th March 2008 20:40

Hi there Katy,

My name is Beverley, I am 35 years old and I live in Surrey.

I just wanted to tell you that I think your website is brilliant - its hard to believe it was written by someone as young as you.

I also think your protest for the Amersham horses was so very brave. I was also moved by their plight and took part in Operation Esther by collecting unwanted rugs and other horsey items here in Surrey.

We have a few things in common - I have also lost my mum (although not to cancer) so I know how hard it can be at times not to have your mum to talk to.

I also love horses and I am lucky enough to own a beautiful dun mare called Breeze. Unfortunately she has injured a tendon and has to have 6 months off so it can heal up but I still care for her every day even if I can't ride her!

The other thing we have in common is that I am also taking part in Race for Life on the 11th May. I haven't done any training yet I have to admit and I also haven't collected as much sponsor money as you have.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know I think you are a very brave determined and intelligent person and I bet your Dad is incredibly proud of you.

Best Wishes