A big Thank You to Sandeep Kainth from Me

Wednesday 16th April 2008

I think one good thing that came out of the Spindles Farm animal cruelty case so far, and it must have impressed Deputy District Judge Sandeep Kainth, and that was the extent to which the general public and all animal lovers were up in arms over his decision to accept Mr. Gray’s request to have the ponies and donkeys back, before the RSPCA cruelty and neglect case was heard in court.

I have received 450 emails over the last 10 days (some very lengthy ones too) from people all over the country and from abroad, most saying that they couldn’t understand how Deputy District Judge Sandeep Kainth came to the decision he did, and a few criticising me for getting involved. Well the answer is obvious the expert defence witness evidence given by Mr. John Parker who informed us in his expert opinion that the ponies and donkeys were in no danger whatsoever. How silly he seems now, after all surely it must have occurred to him that something at Spindles Farm was wrong, and that the horses had hardly been shown much compassion by their owners. The very fact that 32 horses were found dead alone should have sent warning bells off in his head, even if he only became involved 11 days afterwards. I hope that he will be more cautious in the future when he is called upon as an expert defence witness.

It was a good and brave thing that Deputy District Judge Sandeep Kainth did at Oxford Magistrates Court on Monday 14th April, to overturn his own ruling like that and heed public opinion, it is no wonder that everyone in the visitors’ gallery stood up and applauded him when he did; he well and truly deserved to be applauded for his action this time.

I am sure lessons have been learnt from this experience, I only hope that the Animal Welfare Act of 2006 in this vital test case, lives up to its name and looks after the welfare of all the animals that have no voice of their own, except by the actions of animal lovers everywhere who cared enough to sign the petition and make a fuss when an injustice was so obviously done to them, I would especially like to thank all those people who were going to come and support the demonstration and blockade at Spindles Farm this Friday 18 April 2008 to prevent the animals returning before the court case was heard.

God bless you all and thank you for standing up and being counted, and let us hope for a fair judgement in the end. After all it is all about the noblest of God’s creatures the horse, ponies and donkeys that have over the years been faithful servants of man, let us not neglect them when they need our help.



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