Nick White from World Horse Welfare


Nick White a Field Officer from World Horse Welfare and I outside Aylesbury Magistrates Court after the sentencing. If you would like to report a welfare concern to World Horse Welfare, you can call their Welfare Line free on 08000 480180

Video of Nick White talking about his
experience of Spindles Farm

Nick White was one of the first at the scene back in January 2008 and will never forget what he saw. He says:

“After seeing the conditions in the fields, it wasn’t until I went into the yard that the enormity of it hit me… there were dead horses on the ground in front of me, and to the right. I looked across there was a dead horse in the stalls. It was like walking into another world.

“There were none of the normal noises I associate with a stable yard – horses moving about, eating, drinking, calling out to one another or the gentle noises that horses make when approached, expecting to be fed or cared for. They were totally silent. Even the horses that appeared in better bodily condition seemed to be depressed, almost as if they had lost their dignity.”

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